do you suffer from fibroids?

Do You Suffer from Fibroids?

Learn About The Latest Non-Surgical Treatment For Fibroids!

Uterine fibroids are an incredibly common diagnosis for women. Nearly 75% of women suffer from fibroids by the age of 50. It is common for women to have numerous fibroid tumors that are located in various parts of the uterus. In fact, three out of every four women usually have fibroids during their lifetime.

Two thirds of fibroid tumors are never diagnosed as only one in three women usually experiences symptoms. Fibroid tumors can cause moderate to severe abdominal pain and discomfort. They can affect fertility by changing the shape of the uterus or causing damage to it making it difficult or improbable to get pregnant. The most common symptoms of fibroids include: prolonged menstruation, heavy or abnormal bleeding, frequent need to urinate and pain or abnormal bleeding during sexual intercourse. Uterine fibroids can also become dangerous in the event they cause blockages and other medical conditions such as iron-deficiency anemia.

If you fall into the category of women who experience fibroid symptoms, you understand how disruptive they can be to day-to-day activities and your quality of life. There is hope and a non-surgical treatment available to you.


What is Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE)?

Embolization has existed as a medical procedure since 1975. In gynecology, it was used to reduce bleeding during uterine surgery, before physicians realized it had another important effect. Embolization not only reduces bleeding but it shrinks fibroids. Over the years, this treatment has been refined and is now commonly known as Uterine Fibroid Embolization or UFE.

UFE is a minimally invasive procedure using interventional radiology to destroy fibroids in the uterus by depriving them of their blood supply. UFE involves the injection of tiny particles into the artery leading to the fibroid to cut off the blood flow to the tumor. Once the artery is completely blocked, the fibroid will no longer have a regular supply of blood causing the tumor to shrink and reduce or eliminate symptoms.  The average reduction in a fibroid tumor’s volume after UFE treatment is 40% by the third month, and 65% after the sixth month. This leads to a 90% reduction in symptoms.

If you have been diagnosed with uterine fibroids, you may have been told you need surgery for the partial or complete removal of your uterus. This news is upsetting and overwhelming for women. Now, there is a procedure available for the treatment, reduction and in some cases elimination of fibroid tumors that does not require surgery, and allows you to keep your uterus.


What are the Benefits to UFE?

With Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE), patient satisfaction is high, complications are low, and no deaths have been reported. More women are asking for UFE as it is a safer non-surgical alternative to a hysterectomy with significant benefits including:

  • No Hospitalization – UFE is performed as an outpatient treatment in an ambulatory center. 98% of all patients are discharged home the same day.
  • No General Anesthesia and No Large Incision – Intravenous sedation and local anesthesia are used in place of general anesthesia. There is no surgical incision only a small nick in the skin easily covered by a small bandage and healed in a week’s time without a large or noticeable scar.
  • Short Recovery Time – The average recovery time after UFE is 4 days up to one week versus 2-3 months for surgery.
  • 90% Reduction in Symptoms – Patients of UFE experience a 90% reduction or elimination in symptoms.
  • Improvement in Sex Life – Patients of UFE experience increased desire and frequency and less pain during intercourse.


Medical studies have reported a success rate of over 90% by women who have opted for UFE versus traditional surgery.

Am I a Candidate for UFE?

If you have been experiencing symptoms, or have been diagnosed with fibroid tumors, you may be a candidate for Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE). In order to properly diagnose fibroid tumors in your uterus and determine if you are a candidate for UFE, you need to consult with a qualified fibroid specialist.


The Fibroid Center at St Johns Interventional and Vascular Institute can help detect, diagnose and treat your uterine fibroids with Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE), the minimally-invasive treatment and safe non-surgical alternative to a traditional hysterectomy.

You do not have to feel alone during this time. The patient care team at the Fibroid Center truly cares about you and your unique situation and is here to help.

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